Skerries 100 No Fly Zone

A Temporary Restricted Airspace Order (TRA) covering the Skerries 100 circuit, paddock area and adjacent area to a distance of 1.25kms has been issued by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and will be strictly enforced between 1st and 3rd July 2022 Launching, Landing or Operating Remote Controlled Aircraft, Drones, SUA’s is prohibited Anyone found to be operating a remote controlled aircraft or drone will be removed from the area, may have their equipment confiscated and may face prosecution.    

Selfie Sticks Prohibited

The use of Selfie Sticks around the Skerries 100 race circuit is prohibited. Selfie sticks present an unacceptable risk to our competitors. Anyone found using a selfie stick will be asked to fold it away or may be asked to leave the event.    

Flags and Balloons

Spectators must not display or wave Flags of any description during the event as this can cause confusion to our Competitors and Marshals which could result in a serious incident. Please do not bring balloons to the event as these can become a hazard on the race circuit.     Safety of our Competitors, Spectators, Volunteers, and event Officials is paramount Anyone who cannot or will not comply with the instructions of our Marshals or other Officials will be removed from the event.     
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