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Just some information for those applying for either Road Racing or Short Circuit License's, you must complete both the Anti-Doping and Flag Seminars Online and submit them along with your Race License Applications.
Flag Seminar 👇🏻
Anti-Doping Seminar 👇🏻
Road Racing Licence Form 👇🏻
Short Circuit Licence Form 👇🏻
📌All Newcomers intending to race Short Circuits in 2023 must attend the assessment day in Mondello Park on the 18th of March 2023.

Summary of some of the New Technical Regulations introduced for Road Racing in 2023.

  1. Carbon Fibre Wheels

Standing regulations for road racing and short circuits No. 43

Carbon/composite wheels are not permitted on any motorcycle for use in competition in any road race event. They are permitted for any short circuit event if allowed within the class homologation rules

  1. Technical Regulations - Supersport 300

Supersport 300 regulations have been amended since MCUI regulations were introduced in 2018/2019. For road racing only the front brake calliper may be changed.

  1. Technical Regulations - Supersport 600 (incorporating next Generation machines)

Supersport class is changing with the addition of “FIM Next Generation” machines now eligible for Supersport, this will allow larger capacity triple and twin cylinder machines into the class.

  1. Technical Regulations - Supertwins

Frame must be made by the manufacturer for the homologated machine. Swinging arm can be changed or modified to a different model from the same manufacturer. Rear subframe can be made detachable from the main frame by means of repositioned lugs/mounting brackets. Sub frame material can be steel alloy construction but not composite/carbon fibre

  1. Technical Regulations - MCUI Moto 450

Class rules have been updated to include machines with alternative frames with motocross 450cc engine.

  1. Technical Regulations Lightweight Supersport Machines (400)

Any 2-cylinder two stroke or 4 cylinder four-stroke motorcycles originally produced for road use with a water-cooled engine between 201– 415cc may be used provided it adheres to regulations.


For Full Regulations for Road Racing and Short Circuits.  Click Here