Loughshinny Club to promote Skerries 100 in 2017

Following much discussion and many meetings over the last weeks, the insurance premium has finally been agreed (huge thanks to MCI for all their hard work in this regard). As expected it has gone up but no one foretold the 100% increase. In preparation for our AGM we expected to have maybe a 10% increase and had budgeted appropriately to run Skerries & Killalane, but when faced with a 100% increase it was back to the drawing board for the hard working committee.   We have considered all aspects and tried to see if we can stretch our finances, but unfortunately in 2017 we can see no other way of continuing road racing in Fingal, but to promote just one race. It is with great sadness that we have decided to only promote the Skerries 100 in 2017, trying to find another €25,000 to run our second event Killalane Road Races, is just not feasible this year. We will be writing to all our members in the coming weeks with our plans, and contacting our advertisers and sponsors personally, we hope for continued support from all. And for all others who enjoy road racing or have never been and are wondering what all the fuss is about, come and support us.   We have three road races in Southern Ireland this year, Skerries 1st July, Walderstown 9th July and Faugheen 23rd July, please mark these dates in your diary and either come along and see this very unique sport up close and personnel or contact the clubs and show your support. All the volunteer clubs are working under very difficult financial constraints to keep this sport going, so whether you can join each or just one club, sponsor a bale or turn up at the event and pay admission, please please do something, so in years to come we are not trying to describe the noise, smell, colour, speed and sheer thrill of seeing machinery travel on narrow closed country roads, we will still be promoting events so you can come along and see them. Yours sincerely./Susan Plunkett, Clerk of Course  
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