INFORMATION: LMCSC Track Day – 13th March – Mondello National Circuit.

REMINDER: LMCSC Track Day – 13th March – Mondello National Circuit. Gates open until 9.30pm this evening for anyone wishing to stay over in the paddock. Travelling Marshals please meet at 8am for briefing. Sign on starts at 8.30am SHARP and finishes at 9.30 for Rider Briefing – anyone who does not attend rider briefing will not be permitted on track. We are currently running 2 groups – ADV/INTER and INTER/NOV. We have divided as per request but also taken in previous lap times as a guidance. Groups will be posted up on the wall in the briefing area. If we have to run 3 groups they will be split into ADVA, ADVB/INTER and INTER/NOV. Any questions please speak to Shane Graham at the track day. Lunch (restaurant open from 11am to 3pm) will take place at 1pm until 2pm and this also will be rider sign on and briefing for the afternoon sessions. No rider allowed on circuit without attending a briefing. Reminder of costs Non Member FD 140/ HD 80 and Member FD 130 / HD 70. Tyre changes available via Hamill-and Sons Motorcycles and the garages will also be open for use. Finally thank you all for taking part and I do hope it will be a great success. Ray Taylor, Thomas Bertram, Clive Wincote and Shane Graham will be on hand to answer any and all questions. Best of luck and enjoy.
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